10 March 2006

Mufti Madness

I don't know about you, but for me, Mufti day is a relaxing day; a chance to put the strictures of the workaday week aside and wear comfortable shoes. But for others, Mufti day clearly represents the opportunity to pull out all stops and show the world who they really are. Here's a simple cross-section from today's observations:

The Glamour Puss
She's 20, she's straightening her hair in the office bathroom, and she thinks a Glo-mesh top and a micro-mini make the perfect ensemble for sitting behind a desk sorting mail for eight hours. Comfortable? No. Getting a shag tonight? Definitely.

Zany Middle-Aged Man
Monday to Thursday, he's Mr Suit, and the only evidence of his 'real'
personality might be a quick glimpse of his Tweety-Bird socks under the
cuff of his immaculately pressed trousers. But on Friday, Zany Middle-Aged Man shows his true colours, and none of them match. From the top of his chequered bow tie, past his pink shirt with fruity suspenders, right down to his rainbow socks, he's self-expression personified.

This guy is jealous of all his brickie mates because they get to wear their State of Origin colours every day of the week. So, despite the fact that he's a client-facing forensic accounting consultant for an international firm, he's gonna wear his Doggies jumper every single Friday.

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