19 April 2006

The Crave-O-Meter #1

This week, I are bin mostly cravin'...
Goat's cheese on toast. All melty-like.

Cravings have not been nearly as intense or frequent as they were in weeks 6-12 of my pregnancy, but they still like to appear with sudden urgency every so often. By far my most common cravings have been for Vegemite toast or pasta Napolitana. There have been notable exceptions, including the day that my work colleagues refer to as the Sausage Roll Breakfast. I'm not proud of that one.

I was very curious about cravings before I got knocked up. I'd had strong desires for particular foods before, but usually found them pretty easy to ignore. Not these. If you want to know what a craving feels like, try hanging on for as long as you can the next time you need the bathroom (just don't tell your GP I told you to). Imagine that the urge to wee is instead the urge to go out and buy three cheese-and-bacon rolls and scoff them on the spot. The longer you go without, the more uncomfortable you get, and the pleasure with which you finally fulfil your need is indescribable.

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