03 April 2006

The Tadpole #5

Introducing 'Fetie' and my new trick.
After discussions with husband-and-father-to-be, we decided that, now that The Tadpole has arms, legs, fingers, toes and a vaguely humanoid form, it's no longer appropriate to refer to it as 'The Tadpole'. Fair enough. So I asked the big fella for some suggestions for a new name, and he came up with 'Fetie', because it's short for 'Fetus' (or if you prefer, 'Foetus'). Please keep in mind that my usually-quite-creative lifelong partner had just finished a long and arduous study session, and the better part of his imagination was burnt out trying to visualise the correct pediatric dose of adrenaline for anaphylaxis and trying to concoct a mnemonic for the adverse effects of glycerine trinitrate. It's probably a moot point anyway, because the Very Exciting 19-and-a-half-week ultrasound is scheduled for this Saturday, after which we will probably be able to provide It with a gender-specific working title. Yay!

But enough of such trivia, and on to the serious stuff. On the weekend I discovered that if I have a big meal and then lean backwards, my belly-button pops out.


  1. I'm trying to type through my tears of pride, but it's difficult.

  2. Your Mother10:57 am

    I think your use of hyphens is potentially misleading.....your lifelong partner is a father-to-be, but is already-your-husband.

  3. I definitely had my Hyphen Sprinkler on, didn't I? I guess I'm just feeling sorry for the little dash. It's in danger of becoming extinct if the Prime Minister has his way. Of course, he'd have to think up some new titles for the Governor-General and for the Attorney-General.

  4. And dole-bludgers.