23 July 2006

The Fetus formerly known as the Tadpole #15

Waddle? I do now.
It's now week 35, and despite my earnest intention never to waddle, I've reached the point where no amount of determination can stop me from adopting the Baby Elephant Walk. I look and feel a little bit like a wind-up robot (with sore hips), who doesn't so much walk as sway slightly from side-to-side, attempting to swing one foot in front of the other in the process. I find it quite amusing. I only hope other people do, too.

It's been another fairly uneventful week in the world of gestation. And that's a good thing! Last Tuesday's clinic visit was again pretty straightforward. Everything's progressing normally, and I seem to be a very dull patient. Woo! But there have been a few noteworthy preggie moments over the last couple of weeks:

It's just a step to the right...
About a week ago, I was having a fairly uncomfortable, sleepless night. All part-and-parcel of carrying a few kilos of baby around, right? But this was different. I felt... I don't know... strange. Then when I got up for loo visit number five, I looked down and noticed that Fetie had moved entirely over to my right side, leaving the left side of my abdomen looking almost normal, and the right side like an over-packed bag of pebbles! After communicating with him using sign language, he got the message, apologised, and moved back to the middle again.

Overwhelming generosity!
This bit is dedicated to the family members and friend who have been so generous over the last few months with their donations of new and loved baby gear: Mum & Dad, who delivered a gorgous change table thingy last week; Ros and Les, who funded a brand new cot; David and Carol, who now have emptied their cupboards of every piece of baby equipment known to man; and Rob & Taki, who have provided piles and piles of clothes and toys. Thank you very, very much!

It's amazing how far cot mattresses have come...
Whilst browsing online for a cot mattress, I came across the BabyCo site, which seems to be at the forefront of cot mattress design and development. How can I tell? The first one I looked at boasted an extremely attractive and desireable feature. It said: "Comes in three dimensions". Fantastic! And yet another brand was "recommended for sleeping". Decisions, decisions...

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  1. You win the world title for... well, titles.