30 August 2006

The Fetus formerly known as the Tadpole #19

It's time for this Fetus to meet us.
This is it, folks. Today is Fetie's due date. If I was a carton of milk, some spotty casual worker would have removed me from the fridge at Woollies on last night's shelf-stacking shift. As of midnight tonight, I am overdue. And what's happened?

Nothing. Yesterday was clinic day, and Fetie seems to be very comfortable exactly where he is. He's not engaged - he's not even any further down than he was two weeks ago. You can hardly blame the fella - I'm pretty accommodating. But sheesh! Mummy and Daddy want him oooooouuut. So...

After a chat with the obstetrician yesterday, we discussed my blood pressure and the sedative effect of the anti-hypertensives I'm taking, and I asked about what the 'standard' was for letting mums go overdue before labour was induced. She said it was generally seven to ten days, but that in my case, if I wanted a compromise, we could do it later this week. So I said fine, let's do it! But it wasn't until I actually heard her on the 'phone to the Delivery Suite saying, "Yes, I'd like to book an induction for Thursday, please", that I thought "Oh my lordy, I'm having a baby!!!"

So Thursday it is. Tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll be a mummy, and hubby will be a daddy. Oh, wow. So many thoughts and emotions going crazy around my drug-addled head! I'm struck by the enormity of it all, by nervousness, by excitement, by relief, and by the fact that two very organised parents-to-be who like planning everything are able to schedule in the birth of their firstborn.

I'll try my best to get a good night's sleep (no promises), then we'll leave here at about 6:30 am to be at the hospital around 7:30. What I expect to happen then depends on a whole lot of unknown stuff. They'll check the cervix no doubt, then start me on the oxytocin drip, and then it's up to biology, pharmacology, fate and a big crochet hook.

Needless to say, I might not be blogging for a few days, but I'll definitely post the news some time before Fetie starts school.

Oh, man, what will I wear?


  1. Exciiiiiittteeeeeeddddd!!!!

    Wear a skirt.

  2. when do we get pics?