21 September 2006

Gosh, it's busy, innit?

A window of opportunity
Having read several new-mum blogs over the past few months, I've often wondered why so many of them seem to go into hibernation for so long after the arrival of a new bub. I thought that surely it's not so difficult to find ten minutes to throw a few words together and publish them online?

But it is! Over the last three weeks I've found that I have no such thing as a schedule, and that finding time to do stuff other than catching up on sleep in between feeding, changing nappies, trying to get Mitch to sleep and regular staring-at-the-baby-in-loving-awe sessions is not an easy thing.

So, here I am, at the keyboard for the first time in ages. So I'll tell you a bit about how the Cutest Baby in the Universe came about...

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  1. Please don't start at the beginning. We know how that bit works.