02 November 2006

Back to blogging...

George am plenty good talkie
One of the things that I've discovered since being on baby-feeding duty at all hours of the morning is the Today show from the US, which starts at around 4am in Sydney. I caught it this morning, and there was a news article that covered comments by John Kerry and a response by George W (see CNN's version).

In a nutshell, Kerry made comments that insinuated that you didn't have to be a genius to be in the US military. And you don't have to be a genius to know that, surely? Bush's retort gave me the biggest laugh I've had in ages. It included the statement, "The United States military are plenty smart".

It's a pity the report I saw cut him off there, and didn't let him finish his sentence. I believe he meant to add, "...but the Commander-In-Chief is dumb as sheyat".

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