02 April 2007

oars 'n' horses

From the There's-Something-You-Don't-See-Every-Day department:
After a tough couple of nights tending to a baby with his first cold, I decided to get out of the house and down to the park for a coffee the other day. Winnererremy Bay is one of my favourite locations within walking distance, because one can buy a decent coffee, cop a decent squat under a tree and take in a decent Pittwater view all at the same time. So that's what I did. Armed with a large and frothy coffee, I watched pelicans and pleasure boats and playful pooches in the park and they were all very good medicine for frazzled brains.

Pretty soon I suspected that my frazzled brain was making stuff up. I saw a man in a small dinghy in the distance, and thought he might be having a bit of outboard trouble. I could hear a series of short "Brrrrrrgh!" noises coming from his direction. Then when he got a little closer, I noticed that he was rowing. "So," I thought, "where is the noise coming from then?"

From the two horses being towed behind the boat, of course.

I think that really happened. I was pretty tired.


  1. Your alliteration is wonderful.
    So is your description of a person pulling ponies.

  2. I liked the phrase "large and frothy coffee" best. But the idea of a small boat dragging neigh-neighs is lovely :)