16 May 2007

More Boiby Photos

Still bloody cute.
Every day I get requests from my thousands of blog readers for more photos of Mitchell.

That's not true, of course. But here are some more photos of Mitchell.

In the park, saying, "Mummy look! Some horsies pulling a boat!"

Enjoying his new whopper of a playpen, trying to keep his toys from Mummy.

Having a marvellous time in the Pit of Balls and Other Babies' Fluids.


  1. Nice gene pool, lady.

  2. what a cutie! And Mitch isnt bad looking either!
    He is very grown up!

  3. I always wanted to get in one of those ball crawls. But they didn't invent them until I was too old :( Hey, wouldn't it be a riot to jump in one while you were a wee bit tipsy? (Minus babies' fluids, though, if that's OK.)