15 November 2007

Hic!... Hic!... Hic!...

Movement at 6 o'clock.
I'm 17 weeks and five days gone, and Dot made its first definite, undeniable, couldn't-be-mistaken-for-gas movement today. It felt like a few little hiccups. Very exciting!
I'm always thrilled when I experience the tangible stuff of pregnancy - the stuff that reminds me that there's a little person inside me; not just an idea that my hubby and I came up with one day and subsequently ruined my figure. Hiccups, heartbeats and ultrasound images are great introductions to a family member that isn't huggable yet.
Incidentally, my next scan is in two weeks and I can hardly wait. Will I be pulling out Mitch's hand-me-downs or shopping for frocks and bloomers...?

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  1. I've... I've just got something in my eye, is all.