04 December 2007

Sugar and Spice

Nothing really stuck out...

You may notice that I've installed a counting-the-days-until-baby ticker at the top of the page. And you may notice its colour, which is often indicative of the so-called fairer sex.

That's right - we're having a little girl. Or at least, as far as the sonographer could point out without committing herself, it looks like Dot doesn't have any sticky-outy bits in the groin region.

Hubby is convinced that girls are more expensive, more trouble and constantly wanting parents to look at reams of horsie pictures. He does think that he'll love her like crazy, though. And I am absolutely jumping up and down with excited happiness. Gently, though. The boosies are still very tender.

In general, I'm twenty weeks gone now, and my belly is well established, my hips and back are starting to ache and I have juuust reached the point where I can't sit up from a lying position without rolling over and using my arms. Boom. And furthermore, Bah.

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  1. Hi, Niece!
    Please like rock.
    Best regards,
    Aunty Jo.