16 September 2008

Liberal Party leadership, the festival of yawns.

No news is just that. So shush.

Yes, yes, this is a little late for a 'current' affairs topic, but if I'm at least a few days behind in the laundry, doing my tax and emptying the nappy bin, then I can be a bit tardy with blogging.

Now, where was I?

Oh yes. I've said it before and I'll say it again: if it's a slow news day, then shut the hell up. I understand that a TV network needs to fill up its news 'updates' with something, but if nothing has actually happened since the last one, couldn't they just pop on a re-run of Northern Exposure or something?

What am I talking about? Peter Costello. The biggest non-event in politics since Kirstie Marshall got her tit out. A few months ago, after the last federal election, Mr Costello announced that he wouldn't be putting himself forward for the Liberal Party leadership. And last week, as Brendan Nelson's popularity proceeded downwards past what would require mining, the big news came: Peter Costello wouldn't, after announcing that he wouldn't, be putting himself forward for the Liberal Party leadership. Even though he said he wouldn't! And he didn't! And he wasn't going to!

But, on the up-side, Brendan Nelson did the Canberra equivalent of saying, "Hands up who likes me?" and got the answer that everyone was expecting but himself. Yup - Mr Smug-Mug is no more. The Rat in a Suit didn't have to abandon the sinking ship; he got booted off. Huzzah.

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  1. Furthermore, I heard that Peter Costello doesn't have his eye on the Liberal leadership.

    Who knew?