07 November 2008

Sugar and spice and all things oh, gross.

My little girl-shaped texta.
It's been a while since I've posted anything about wee Amelia. That's not because she hasn't done anything; it's because she's been doing a lot (right now I'm typing with one hand and holding on to a squirmy, gurgly, inquisitive baby who is simultaneously tring to ride an invisible bike and play an invisible piano with the other), and that doesn't leave much free time for blogging.

The poor sausage has had a marathon cold of late, and this morning after putting her down for a 'nap' (read: put her in her cot to flip over and spin like a helicopter until she gets uncomfortable and cries), I noticed that my right shoulder was peeling.

"That's odd," I thought to myself, "I don't remember getting sunburnt!" Then I realised that at some stage I'd given her a cuddle on my right side and she'd left a delightful snail-trail of snotty evidence. Bless.

Still, it's difficult to stay grossed out by someone who looks like this:

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  1. Snap.
    On the bus on the way home from visiting said squirmy human, I decided that, if asked, I'd tell fellow travellers that I'd recently let slugs crawl on my black cardigan.

    I just assumed they wouldn't think baby-snot was as cute as I do.