09 December 2008

The Daughter-saurus #1

My daughter does da-da
Hurrah! Amelia started proper babbling this week, with unmistakeable "Da-da-da"s all over the place. I had forgotten how rewarding and explodingly gorgeous it is to hear intentional and articulate sounds coming from someone who previously only farted, grunted, coughed and wailed her bedroom walls down.
As far as her vocabulary goes, we all know that an alveolar plosive is simpler to form for a 7-month-old than a bilabial nasal, right? In other words, 'da-da' more easy than 'ma-ma'. So there are still good things to come. Are you still reading this?


  1. Yes, I'm still reading.
    I bet I'm the only one smiling and nodding, but.

  2. No, I'm smiling and nodding too but I bet I'm the only one putting a forkful of peas up my bum.

  3. Look, sorry Shell, that did sound funny in my head but now just terrible. I haven't slept in like, years. I will now go where people are not.

  4. Rach, there's funny and there's "funny". This is an open forum for both. And regarding the forkful of peas:
    1. Yes, I think you're the only one; and
    2. Go where others are not just until the peas resurface. After that, you're welcome back anytime.