31 March 2009

This just in...

When news isn't.

Regular readers of this blog (hi, multitude!) will know that one of my favourite quirks of humans is their need to fill silence with any old rubbish. It's particularly entertaining when undertaken by people paid money to do it under pressure - namely news reporters and sports commentators. And when one forgets about piffling little trivialities like African civil wars or South American military coups (as commercial networks always do), one is often left with Very Little News Indeed. Everyone knows that nature abhors a vacuum (who doesn't?), so what are the poor reporters to do but come up with little gems like this:

"The NSW Premier, Nathan Rees said he didn't want to see a repeat of last week's brawl at Sydney Airport";

"The man was shot at by at least one gunman";

and my usual favourite:

"The Reserve Bank made no change to interest rates today".

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  1. It's a wonder Karl Stefanovic has time to talk about burritos and The Eagles at all.