11 September 2009

The Daughter-saurus #2

They're words, Amy, but let's just keep it between us.

Having a three-year-old (happy birthday plus eleven days, Mitchy!) who is teetering on the brink of Not Being Quite As Obnoxious, I'm really cherishing Amelia's 17-month-old-ness, because now I know. I know that it's only a few months until my precious little cling-on with wobbly legs becomes an all-kicking, all-screaming, all-possessing two-year-old. And one of the things I'm enjoying the most is the emerging language.

I couldn't tell you exactly which language is emerging from Amy - it sounds like English. That is, it's constructed of the same phonemes. But I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who understands it. When, for example, I point to a picture of a turtle in a book and she says, "Toe-too!", I look to whomever happens to be visiting as if to say, "See! She can say turtle!" and I get a look back that says, "Uh-huh. She's very special. Yes. Let's move on."

Nevertheless, I would like to dedicate this First Post in Bloody Ages to the cataloguing of my daughter's little collection of little words, whether I'm imagining them or not. Before I forget.

"Bow" - Bowl.
"Bowwwwwww" - Ball.
"Na-na" - Banana.
"Da!" - Daddy.
"Mimi" - Mummy.
"Da-deh" - Teddy.
"Roll roll roll roll roll" - Roll.
"Eye" - Eye.
"Ya" - Ear.
"Toe-too" - Turtle.
"Nonononononononono" - No.
"Boo!" - Boo!
"WAAAAAAAAA-HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" - Mummy, Mitchell just snatched a toy out of my hand and pushed me over and my head hit the floor. Could you pick me up please?


  1. "Do!" = Mummy's on the phone to her sister. AGAIN.

  2. Hehehe the words she says seem cute =) i'm sure they give you lots of work but in a way they compensate the work