18 February 2010

Pechung! Pechung! Pechungggg!

Three in a row from Mr Thinky.

Mitch reminds me how much fun life can be before one gets the hang of consistent vowel use and homonyms. The following surfaced during a ten-minute car trip...

Me: "Mitch, we're going to play with Lily on the weekend. And her Mummy. Do you remember Lily's Mummy's name?"
Him: "Yes. Sian. Sian the sheep!"

Him: "I think you hurt your leg and you need to go to the doctor."*
Me (remembering that swine 'flu vaccines are now available free for sproglets): "We're all going to the doctor soon!"
Him: "Is the doctor going to give Amy a noodle?"

Him: "Are we at the shops now?"
Me: "Yes. We're in the car park."
Him: "What are we doing?"
Me: "We're looking for a space."
Him: "Are we in SPACE??!?"

*Don't write in. I'm not injured. This is a common theme of Mitchell's, just to prove he cares.

1 comment:

  1. Don't tell him that, technically, everyone's in space. It'll blow his mind.