09 November 2010

Dear Blog,


How is ya? Who's ya latest? OMG social science is sooooo boring. Do you think Mrs Kowslecki has a boyfriend? Eeewww.

I've been, like, soooo busy. I've got so much client work it's not even funny, except, y'know, it's kinda funny if you think getting paid and being able to buy new clothes and pay the rates and stuff is funny. It's not so much funny 'ha-ha', more like funny 'toppity bops'*

So, like, even though it looks like I haven't written anything on my blog, I have actually been writing heaps. Web copy and training manuals and packaging copy and stuff. I'm kinda devo that I don't get paid to write frivolous poems about stuff that pops into my head, but, you know, most people don't get props for their poems until they're dead.

I have been writing a few pieces, but they're like soooo not finished. One of them is for the unreal TAMOz Fringe event, Skepticator LIVE - The Skeptics Open Mic Night. I'm like, totally going. Hopefully my elbows are sharp enough to get up and say something, even though I'm so shy. Not! Jokes! LOL. It's all organised by this guy, who got totally famous this week when his blog got on Media Watch. I thought Media Watch was some kind of wrist thingy that you could watch YouTube vids on, but apparently it's some show about shows. Whatevs.

Anyway, gotta go. I've got soooo much homework to do, and besides I can't figure out if I'm a 1980s school girl or a 39-year-old housewife trying to be hilarious.


*My friend Maddie said toppity bops the other day and I nicked it. Don't tell her, ok?


  1. Sharon6:06 pm

    I think you are heaps cool. lol

  2. Maddie6:59 am

    I forgives ya.

  3. My latest is bacon.