23 April 2011

Song for Nancy

Because she takes the trouble to let me know her thoughts.

She flits around the internet, with vengeance in her head;
Waiting patiently to pounce upon a blogger’s comment thread.
All one needs to do to tempt her from her unenlightened cave,
Is to mention magic water and the lives it doesn’t save.
“Real is scientific homeopathy!” she strangely cries,
Sounding just a smidge like Yoda, only light years more unwise.
“It cures” she claims, and instantly I’m pretty sure she’s wrong,
Because the evidence supporting such a claim just isn’t strong.
Then she mentions “Allopathic Medicine” and I go “sigh!”
‘Cause a word invented just to scare real doctors doesn’t fly.
Evidence is briefly mentioned as a basis for her craft;
But any thinking person who has seen such “evidence” has laughed.
Then she claims this “nano-medicine” brings “big results” for all;
At which point I’ve spat my tea across her barely lucid scrawl.
She does more for her opponents’ cause than she could ever know;
So with ardour I anticipate her comments down below.


  1. Thanks for that. There are people I care for who foolishly cling to magical thinking. A bit of artistic humor may be just the cure.

  2. You may be the first and only person to discover a way of mentioning homeopathy WITHOUT having her comment.

  3. A nice wee poem. I've tried to write something similar, perhaps I'll give it another try.

  4. Evidence of homeopathy is undeniably positive and consistent. It's a human evidence of experience, gathered from a real-world observation in a real-world setting (not in an ideal artificial laboratory) giving real-world solutions.

  5. Nice to see you Nancy. What took you so long?

  6. mochuck6:17 pm

    Human evidence of experience = anecdotes not evidence or science.

    Good poetry as usual Shelley

  7. Anonymous5:33 am

    what melody are you supposed to sing this to?

    1. Anonymous5:34 am

      I've tried don't stop me now and puff the magic dragon but they don't fit.