14 October 2011

Heavenly Logistics

Because it all seems like quite a kerfuffle.

Does God have a method for answering prayers?
Some kind of a system,
To rank, file and list ‘em?
Is there a logistics department upstairs,
Where they’re stamped with a sort code and date?
Does God really listen when folks make requests?
Does he understand ‘em?
It seems rather random,
When “please cure my cancer” and “biggen my breasts”
Are afforded the same kind of weight.
Is there a taxonomy firmly in place?
Can one climb the ranks
Saying “Please God” and “Thanks”?
Is there any clear preference for gender or race?
Is it carefully numbered by Dewey?
I’ve searched for a pattern, but none could be found:
Bad luck’s split in twain,
‘tween devout and profane.
Although many charming sob stories abound,
I strongly suspect it’s all hooey.

1 comment:

  1. Swiftly moving into Tim Minchin territory now. I think he would love to use some of that as song lyrics with all credit to you of course. Or maybe you know a good guitarist?