08 October 2011

The Punch.

Because there's more to it than you might think.

Beginning with your pinkie, curl your fingers to your palm;
Then embrace them with your thumb and hold them tight.
If the line between your knuckles and your wrist and lower arm
Is a straight one, then you’ve no doubt got it right.

Hold your knuckles near your cheekbones, with your elbow pointing south;
Hold your other arm the same, as though reflected;
So if someone tries to hit you in your ribs or in your mouth,
You’ll have half a chance of keeping them protected.

Looking straight at your opponent, shift your favoured foot behind;
‘Til you’ve turned your body forty-five degrees.
Share your weight between your feet, held shoulder-width, and calm your mind.
Keep your shoulders down and slightly bend your knees.

In your head, create a picture of what you’re about to do;
Let the notion be infused with your ambition.
See your hand continue past your target’s edge and go right through;
Then return to its original position.

Now your fist is quite a weapon, but it doesn’t work alone;
It needs energy, momentum, speed and might.
If you don’t use your whole body every time a punch is thrown,
Then you may as well knit socks instead of fight.

When an urgent sort of rumbling in your head and belly grows,
Use your hips to make your torso turn and twist;
As it murmurs through your shoulders, gaining volume as it goes,
Turn your heel as it comes shouting out your fist.

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