24 February 2012


Because the AVN is still the same.

Today, in the NSW Supreme Court, the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN) won its case against the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC). The AVN claimed that the HCCC had acted outside its jurisdiction in issuing a public warning which stated, correctly, that the AVN's website provides information that is solely anti-vaccination, contains information that is incorrect and misleading and quotes selectively from research to suggest that vaccination may be dangerous. What does this mean? It means that the AVN still does all those things, but that the HCCC was, according to a single clause in its governing act, the wrong body to complain to about it.

You can read what people have said about today's events here:

You can read about what I've said about today's events down there, in quatrains:

They still spout mistruths, fabrications and lies;
They still want your children to suffer;
They’re still anti-vaccine, with all that implies;
The president’s still quite a duffer;

They’re still not a charity, nor a good cause;
They still want your cash notwithstanding;
They still like to bend trade and privacy laws;
Their vast ill repute’s still expanding;

They still think their rights have been taken away;
They still think they should be respected;
The only thing different, since judgment today;
Is the way our complaints are directed.


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  1. I'm not great at verse so I'm seeking your help...

    The HCCC might be suckers
    But the AVN are still lousy [??]

    I need a rhyming word.