19 October 2012

How to learn the radios

Because sometimes smart people are listening.

This week it was revealed that vexatious vomitron Alan Jones and his talkback team at 2GB have been directed to attend training in factual accuracy and other basic journalistic concepts, in an effort to improve the way that Jones' show, and 2GB broadcasters overall, blurt out whatever uneducated drivel happens to pop into their cretaceous-era heads present their content.

Will it work? Time will tell. Shall I write a poem about it? Already did.

Heigh-ho! We’re off journalist school, it’s sure to be loads of fun!
We’ll learn about tact, and checking each fact,
And how diligence is done.

What larks! We’ll grasp the digital realm, beyond talkback radio;
We’ll learn that there’s more than flapping one’s jaw;
To airing a breakfast show.

Huzzah! We’re going to learn how the facebook works, and the twitters too;
And how to download our industry code,
And actually read it through.

And lo! We might discover that women can make a valid point!
They might have degrees! And some expertise!
They might not destroy the joint!

At last! When that certificate’s earned and hung on the office wall,
Our plump millionaire will jump back on air,
And nothing will change at all.

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