20 November 2012

Christmas. Han Solo. Row, row row your boat.

Because crowd-sourcing is a thing.

Today I'm waiting for a client to get back to me. Too lazy to do something constructive, I thought I'd write a rhyme. Too lazy to think of a topic and rhyme scheme, I asked Twitter for ideas. I asked for:
1. A topic;
2. A character; and
3. A popular tune, to which I would set the metre.

The gorgeous Bec Pobjie came up with the winning idea:

So here it is:

Ring, ring, Christmas bells,
Tinsel hung above;
Merrily, Han Solo shops in Mos Eisley Mall
For his Leia love.

White frocks, bobby pins,
Cozzies made of mesh.
“None of this stuff is original”, mutters Han,
“I need something fresh.”

Wand’ring up and down,
Through each franchised store;
Body Shop, Pie Face and Gloria Jeans are on
Every frikkin’ floor.

Then, lo! There it is:
Leia’s perfect gift.
Sitting in Myer’s big sparkly perfumery
Just outside the lift.

As he reaches out,
It’s snatched gleefully.
“Greedo, you clown!” protests Solo, quite crossly, “I
Saw it first!” says he.

Thanks also to @rachelnes94, @ozlangur, @WhoobieMe and @burgotastic for other equally wonderful suggestions, which shall see the light of day if I get around to it.

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