19 March 2013


Because contributing to society is so hard.

Money troubles? Bills piling up? Parking fines? Got the government on your back to do stuff you don't really feel like doing?

Never fear! The Freeman On The Land movement is here! 

Become a Freeman On The Land and you can suddenly decide that the government, contracts, banks and the legal process all work differently for you, and you don't owe them anything. Your debts will be cancelled! Your financial responsibilities will be nil! You can tell police officers, magistrates and government departments to shove it! All based on the erroneous and ridiculous idea that governments are corporations; that laws only apply if you consent to them; and that people are contracted to the 'powers that be' unless they send them a letter saying they're not. 

Although it's been around for decades in one form or another, I came across the Freeman On The Land movement in the last couple of months, with thanks to experienced conspiracy theorists like Leon Pittard of Fairdinkum Radio (have a listen - if you can last longer than ten minutes without your jaw dropping open, you're stronger than me) and South Australian parliamentarian Ann Bressington

There's an extremely good run-down of the Freeman On The Land movement over at RationalWiki - I recommend it for some well-researched detail and a few hilarious examples of Freemen in the wild - but in a nutshell, followers of the movement believe:
  • The government is a corporation, and all citizens are contracted to that corporation
  • Each individual consists of a 'legal person', to whom laws, acts and monetary matters apply, and a 'flesh-and-blood human being', who is free and good and lovely and created by God.
  • When a birth is registered, the child is effectively an employee of the government corporation, and has agreed to be governed and abide by laws.
  • If you write a special kind of letter called a 'Notice of Understanding and Claim of Right' and send it to the Prime Minister or the Queen or Someone In Charge, you can remove your consent to be governed and abide by laws; and separate your legal person from your meat person. 
  • Governments and lawmakers use language designed to make people inadvertently subjugate and obligate themselves to corrupt higher powers, but knowing your way around such language can save you from accidentally agreeing to be a government/corporate slave.
I find the whole concept so deliciously and outstandingly ludicrous that I simply had to try and make it rhyme.

I am a Freeman on the land, I wander wild and free;
The laws of corporate governments do not apply to me.
They try to trick all humankind;
So they can have their pockets lined;
The circumstantial evidence is there for all to see.

I am a Freeman on the land, combating the machine;
I signed a piece of paper and I sent it to the Queen.
It details what I understand;
And all the rights that I demand
Effectively, it wipes my slate of obligation clean.

I am a Freeman on the land, I don’t give my consent;
To statutes, acts or laws, or paying tax or fines or rent.
The bastards use their legalese
To try and trip me up with these,
But I use special words to dodge, evade and circumvent.

I am a Freeman on the land, my language is my craft;
Though corporations stalk me, port and starboard, fore and aft;
I say “Sovereign” and “Natural Law”
And “Court De Jour” and “Man of Straw”
And people know I’m free (that is, the ones who haven’t laughed).

I am a Freeman on the land, my name is not my name:
My legal person’s moniker and I are not the same.
What’s on my birth certificate
Is narrow and specific. It
Does not apply to me, despite what courts and judges claim.

I am a Freeman on the land, I want an easy ride;
I wear my social irresponsibility with pride
I won’t lie down and pay my dues
But I will nonchalantly use
The water, roads and hospitals that governments provide. 


  1. Anonymous3:00 pm

    I love your little ditty. I know of a "freeman: around where I live who has refused to pay income tax, car rego, licence, pay back any debts he owes etc but is happy to accept Centrelink payments, rent assistance etc. He has refused to attend court to answer for a non payment of credit card and is about to be arrested. He also was driving around with fake "his own" number plates until the highway patrol fined him $2700 for various offences. Everything is about to catch up with him ... like a freight train heading to a brick wall.

    1. Anonymous7:26 pm

      Well if he gets the dole he is not a Freeman on the Land...Just another idiot who should research a little before going off half cocked. As a Freeman you can not except any hand out from the Government. And if you research the law, it wasn't until local government was formed that you needed a license or rego for private use. Also local government is not lawfully in power, how many of you moron mud throwers have read the constitution. If you want to live like sheep you will be treated like sheep. Remember you have No Rights until you assert them..??

    2. Anonymous5:29 pm

      you lot are daft as brushes, the financial system is a huge con, as governments don't create money based on gold etc. backing it or the wealth of the nation they opt to let wholly or partly private entities create the initial fiat currency that has to be paid back with interest, but as the only supply comes from them in the first place how can you pay back more than exists without borrowing again and creating a never ending ever increasing debt spiral. The whole thing is an artifice in the first place so no we don,t owe anything except labour, goods or expertise.

  2. Anonymous11:38 am

    Keep up the good work. Great blog name, by the way. It's so nice to find an Aussie version of what I like to read about: serious stuff with a humorous side to it. Here's a laugh of a similar sort: Ann Bressington, member of the upper house from South Australia, is being referred to by some blogger from England who shows her the sort of respect she doesn't deserve. He says

    "What is being pushed for is a one world government,one world religion and the reduction of the human population from 7 billion to one billion under agenda 21 of the UN.
    The remaining population to be pushed into small city areas in a system of total control far beyond anything Marcus Wolf of the East German Stazi could have ever dreamed up.
    It is a plan that has been slowly creeping forward for millennia. Primarily financed and controlled by the Rothschild's,Rockerfellas and 13 or so other families.
    The Dictionary definition of fascism is the merger of sate and corporate power. This is now the case in America and the west. Governments are no longer in charge the baks are and the Rothschild's own the banks.
    America and the west are being imploded deliberately because you have to break nation states in order to have global government. Hence all the immigration. America will take us to war. It will be the third world war. In fact we are already in it. The Muslim brotherhood is being instated across the arab world. Previously pro-western governments are being replaced by them and they are intent on creating a universal muslim caliphate.
    Clearly they want a war between christians and muslims. This will create such death carnage and destruction that we will literally beg for a global government. The currencies are going to zero,keynsian economics is dead and a one world currency will soon be seen as a blessing.
    America has bought 1.2 billion snub nosed bullets for domestic use.(banned by the war crimes tribunal)
    They have armed the police and are preparing for martial law. They have staffed re-education camps. There words not mine. Our country is a prison already.

    I am going to leave it there. It is a big subject that I have studied for a long time in debt. I have done the research,looked at the documents and can support all of the above. If you need more info just ask. It is actually worse than this but just try to get your head round this for now.
    When the dollar gives out,that will be the catalyst. It could happen tomorrow it could take a year or two. My best guess in summer but I could be wrong. Whatever you need to prepare.
    Below is a recent video of an Australian MP addressing the subject. [ ] It is a bit crap but I show it to you because at least you will be able to see this is coming mainstream now.
    The UN is calling for global government and global currency as is the Vatican."

    She apparently supports the freeman idea, as well as calling for people to murder Tania Plibersek. If you are interested or haven't yet read about it:

    Please feel free to delete this longish comment if you wish. I just thought it was along the same lines as the freeman post and your lovely poetry, and that you might be interested enough to give it a quick squizz.

  3. Thanks Anonymous. It was Ann Bressington's 'Agenda 21' speech that led me to becoming aware of the Freeman-on-the-land movement. So in a way, I have her to thank for opening up a whole new world of conspira-cray to me.
    Thank you also for reading, and for saying nice things. I sometimes forget that this blog isn't just for my own amusement!

  4. Anonymous7:28 am

    You have no idea what you are talking about. Have your rights removed and maybe you will find yourself not finding the whole Freeman argument so ludicrous.

  5. Anonymous9:46 pm

    hello. i live in Sydney Australia. how can i become a free man?

  6. Hi. A word or two if i may?

  7. Anonymous1:24 pm

    if you have a Social Assistance card, Registered your vehicle with the government, or got a drivers license or been married, you also signed a contract with them saying you must abide by the rules within the contract ..... forget about the ALLEGATIONS that you've heard from anyone about this...... it boils down to contract law .... if you've signed off, you'll have a hard time fighting it. that being said, you can still fight them and in a lot of cases, WIN. (for instance, i want to take my government to court for failure to live up to their part of the contract, thereby nullifying it [ breach of contract][disingenuous and subversive conduct regarding OUR binding contract] ) But you MUST KNOW the LEGAL and LAWFUL ( which for all intensive purposes, are NOT the same )rammifications and know the legal and lawful jargon to differentiate WHO and WHAT you are represented as in court.; they will win thru your ignorance (which by the way is not a good defense at all).

    Defense lawyers, prosecutors and judges ARE ALL IN THE SAME CLUB.thay all want settlement in favor of the crown or state; therefore the LEGAL SYSTEM is STAAAAAACKED in their favor; after all , they wrote the statutes of the legal system to amend the LAWFUL system. most amendments that people are fighting is the legislature that creates revenue for the government that would be taken out if the People of the country had voted for anyway. these were pushed thru without consent at the legal administrative level, and then morphed thru legalese to bind people thru commercial code thru their "legal fiction name" or, in other words, your ALL CAPITALS NAME.

    ALL corporations have their name IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

    to the unbelievers, do a little research before you blow the whole thing off ..... you'd be suprised at what your government has been doing without telling you by making these laws and taking away your GOD given rights ......

    i don't want to NOT PAY ANY TAXES, or NOT PAY for other services, but where i live, more than 65 percent of my pay goes to the government in one way or another. that leaves nothing for me, and this is untennable. the national debt burden was created by them, so THEY can pay for the lion's share, not me. i don't want a free ride like they do, but i've had about enough of their f*&kups, financial extortion, collusion, subversion and hostility to the sentient being that i am