22 October 2013

Name the Virus

Because good science isn't free.

The news cares not for sciencing;
Just rorts and Miley Cyrus.
You want to get involved with smarts?
Go here and Name The Virus!

Florey Institute researcher and general good bloke Dave Hawkes has, along with his colleagues, launched a project called Name the Virus, which seeks to raise funds for research into Big Important Diseases and other conditions such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, strokes and many more. 

Says Dave of his work: 
"In order to help us, and other researchers, investigate what causes these diseases/conditions we create special types of non-infectious, non-disease causing viruses called viral vectors. These viral vectors can enter cells and change the way they behave; such as making those cells more or less active, or producing more or less of a specific protein."

He's much better at explaining what he does on the Name the Virus page,  and also using the sound of his voice here

Why "Name the Virus"? Because if you're extremely nice and donate money to the project, you can have the chance to put your name (or any other name you think up which isn't likely to offend anyone) to one of the Very Important viral vector thingies that Dave and his team develops. You can donate any amount from a couple of bucks up to a massive wad of cash, and receive a reward commensurate with your generosity, from public recognition to a lab tour and a home-cooked meal (because for this purpose, the Florey Institute's tea-room qualifies as a 'home').


I shall name him Dave.

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