27 June 2014


Because 1985.

This morning, my sister Jo was having trouble with an earworm, and she was nice enough to share her troubles with me:
"I have the
My Name Is Zoran
song stuck in my head."

I think we need some back story here.

The year was 1985. We'd gone with a bunch of giggling Duran-Duran-fangirl companions to see A View to a Kill, featuring a peroxide-blonde Christopher Walken as Max Zorin, corporate super-villain. We decided he was fabulous (Not Nick Rhodes fabulous, but still top shelf).

So we all got together and wrote a tribute song, to the tune of a long-forgotten bank advertising jingle. Because that's what 14-year-old girls do.

Here it is, pulled from the far back part of my brain (as you can see, I've maintained the same standard of lyrical wizardry for the last 30 years):

My name is Zorin
And I'm a psycho
I like blowing up people in their face.
It's so funny but
'Cause I'm so mental
I was given steroids when I was three.

Have a great Friday. 


  1. I can't believe I misspelt his name, but my passion is still real.

  2. That would go well to the tune of "Je suis un rock star" with a cockney accent.