20 March 2006

Australia's Brainiest um... thingy

Better smart than Sully.
Whoever had the idea of putting Sandra Sully at the helm of a show with the word 'brainiest' in the title has a very good sense of humour.

I love a good quiz show, and this one has the added bonus of watching Sandra struggle to keep up with the intellectual standard of the show's contestants, drawn from the rich intellectual pool of Australia's pop musicians and Big Brother housemates.

Last night was particularly amusing. James Blundell and two members of Human Nature were able to read, consider and answer most questions before poor Sandra had managed to read out the first handful of syllables, and this was all too much for the overwhelmed spokesmodel. Put off by the bizarre turn of events - that contestants were answering questions - she lost her place several times and cost the players valuable seconds.

That's the bit I find entertaining. The bit I find highly irritating - because I am me, is a much smaller detail. It is the phrase that Sandra often utters (with very good diction) when a contestant gets an answer right. For example:

Sandra: "Gaborone is the capital of which country that borders South Africa?"
Contestant: "Botswana"
Sandra: "That would be correct".

One is tempted to ask: under what circumstances would that be correct? During a game show, in response to the question that was just asked? When it exactly matches that strange, polysyllabic word printed next to the word "Answer" on the Autocue? Yes? Well, then! It IS correct!

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