20 March 2006

Sports commentary gold #1

I are not a plural; we am a country!
It's Commonwealth Games time. A time when most of my countrymen (or country-people for the semantically-inflexible) forget their troubles and the fact that they voted for a republic and enjoy the medal-fest that occurs in the absence of the USA and most of Europe. And with the Games comes a wealth of sports commentary gold.

Before the closing ceremony comes along, why not play the Singular/Plural Disagreement Drinking Game? It's very simple - whenever you hear a commentator refer to a single country or a team as a plural, you take a drink (and they say I don't know how to have fun). I bet you'll be plastered before the first medal presentation of the day. Look out for phrases like:

"Australia have a good medal chance in this event."
"The synchronised swimming team are really going for it."
"Jersey were proud just to have participated."

Picky? Me? I are not that bad...


  1. That could quite possibly be the best subtitle for anything ever.

  2. Thanks. It's particularly fun when you say it in an Elephant Man voice.

  3. sandra1:22 pm

    Leave it to you to express something that is HUGELY annoying in a fun way and draw peoples' attention to it in an even "funner" way!