25 May 2007


There have been a lot of exciting things going on over my way. None of them really need enough words to warrant a big post each, so here they are altogether.

The little crawler
Yesterday, our lives changed. Just before lunchtime, my son started crawling. Properly, that is - not just backwards with a surprised look on his face. Yep - our pride and joy is no longer reliably plonkable. He's yet to gain a real enthusiasm for the job, or to realise its potential for exploration and mischief, but if he's at one end of the room and his Maisy book is at the other, it's all systems go! Yay!

The upchuck update
Since my little dance with the diarrhoea demon earlier in the week, I've been nice enough to share this special little virus with those I love most. It was hubby's turn last night, and he proved that the bigger they are, the bigger they hurl. Now, I'm happy to say, he's eating proper meals and the bathroom smells like Pine-O-Cleen. I still have all my extremities crossed so that Mitch won't catch it from us (I've worn the antiseptic hand soap down to a sliver), but at least we'll be well enough to handle it if he does.

Three weeks until unemployment...
Last week, I resigned from my job. Hurrah! I've been "back" at work since March - working from home for a few hours most days, but we all agreed that I'd finish up before we went jetting off overseas. So the 16th of June is my first day of unemployment, and I can hardly wait. I've already got some nibbles from potential clients for when I get back to Australia, and a business idea that's been itching to happen for about a year, so hopefully I can get the income ball rolling again shortly after we land.

...and four weeks until I'm on 'un avion'
Like most families with 9-month-old babies, we're headed off to Europe for 12 weeks at the end of June. To say I'm slightly excited is a bit like saying Kevin Rudd's hair is slightly dorky. And I am, and will always be, overwhelmed with gratitude to my father-in-law, without whom the trip would not be financially possible. My folks, too, are being kind and generous enough to fork out for the sailing-in-Croatia part of the journey - an incredible gift considering it was hubby and I who planted the idea in the first place. So Paris, Loches, the Dolomites, Venice, Split, the Adriatic, Dubrovnik, Florence, the Cinque Terre, Perugia, Sicily, Malta, Gozo, Pompeii and Rome - here we come! Woo!


  1. Bring me a present.

  2. at least I can say I have been to most of those places - and Dubrovnik sounds noice. I cant say that I am not jealous tho..:(