23 May 2007

No news is no news.

If it's a slow news day, just shut the hell up.

Channel Ten's news has proven itself yet again as the news program with the least actual news on television. Tonight they ran a story from the US which seems to have been pulled straight from (American) ABC's Good Morning America. The story was about four women in New Hampshire who were fired from their jobs at their town council for gossiping about an affair between co-workers.

Putting aside any nit-picky arguments about what constitutes free speech, work ethics or harrassment, let's get to the point: who the bloody hell cares???

Why is this news? I mean, I know people who've been given the boot for much more sordid and interesting reasons (the less-discreet-than-he-thought Phantom Cubicle Masturbator from a Sydney telco, to almost name one), and they didn't even make the local Cumberland paper! And surely there are bigger things happening in the world that could take up the otherwise wasted airspace that this story occupied. I wonder how that Darfur mob is going? I bet they'd be upset if they got fired for gossiping. Oh? No time for gossip when they're scratching in rubbish dumps for food after being turfed out of their village by homicidal militia? What a nuisance.

Coming up on Ten News: Man has re-heated spag bol for lunch.

These folks don't look too concerned about violating OH&S guidelines.

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  1. You always look impressive from your high horse.
    I read this one whilst frowning and nodding, and almost said "Word".