14 July 2007

A French Letter, part 1

Wish you were here...

Here I am blogging from an internet cafe in the town of Loches in the Loire Valley in France. It's quite nice to be able to say that, actually. Lord knows it's been a bit of a struggle to get to an internet cafe. As a matter of fact, itùs been a bit of a struggle getting anywhere since we left Paris. So let me start from the beginning... (cue spooky music and nostalgic wobbly screen effect)...

...and stay tuned because my hour just ran out and the cafe is closing...


  1. oh come on... I want to hear how the holiday is going!

  2. Come baaaaaaaack.
    And bring that cute kid wit ya.

  3. Just checking that you havent dropped off the face of the earth... and happy birthday to Mitch!! Woo HOO!!