29 May 2008

The Mitchionary #1

Washing one's mouth out with soap.

The English language is a complex thing. And like sex, guns and ice-cream, when put under the control of a toddler, the outcome is not always predictable. With that in mind, I'd like to welcome you to the Mitchionary; a collection of explanatory notes underlying the newly adopted language of a 21-month-old.

In this chapter, we look at some of the words that seem highly inappropriate coming out of the mouth of young Mitchell, and if nothing else, they emphasis the importance of context. Lately we've heard these gems:

Bitch - a sandy area immediately adjacent to the ocean.
Bastard - a receptacle made of natural fibres woven together

Rectal - a quadrilateral shape with opposite sides even and parallel.

Twat - the sound a duck makes.


  1. I love that little guttermouth.

  2. 'Rectal' is hilarious.

    At least there's an explanation for your offspring's potty mouth. Mine says 'fuck'. Alot. In context.

  3. Lila says 'Shit' a lot, but to her that is what you do on a chair or the couch 'Shit down, Mama. Shit down'
    How are you?