16 January 2009

Sports Commentary Gold #8

Tubs gets particular
Say what you will about 20-20 cricket; I reckon it's as exciting as... well... squashing the best spectator sport in the world into prime time. But I do feel for the commentators.
Usually in a cricket commentator's job, there are hours of nothingness to fill with whatever inane and tangential chit-chat pops into his or her head. The results can often be Sports Commentary Gold. Now five days of banter has been condensed into three hours, and the results are no less delicious.
Take Tubby's recent description of a particular bowler's dimensions:

"Apparently he's 210cm tall. Now I don't know exactly how tall that is..."


  1. I'm the cricket widow in the family but Keith's happy place is on the couch in his underpants during the season. I don't catch much but I did look up on Friday night to catch this excited comment: "And the batsman goes BANG!' It almost made me enjoy the cricket

  2. With commentary like that, I reckon Ivy and Mitch could walk into the job tomorrow.