26 January 2009

Stupid? Buy this!

The most annoying ad on telly right now...

Mother rushes to get her son ready for school. Just as the bus pulls up outside, she notices... gasp!... a stain on his school shirt! An empathetic-sounding voice-over says, "Isn't it frustrating..." and goes on tut-tutting about how this poor, overworked mum has spent hours washing, sorting, ironing and folding a load of washing, only to find the offending, persistent stain when it was all too late. If only she'd used this laundry spray (Preen, I think), this never would have happened.

If only the mother had looked at any of the clothes while she was washing, sorting, ironing and folding, she might have noticed the stain a long time before the school bus showed up.

Stupid cow.

1 comment:

  1. She didn't even notice the camera crew.
    Daft bint.