03 May 2009

Everybody's got one...

...but not everyone's is switched on.

I have just been watching a so-called debate on Channel Seven's Sunday Night program about vaccination in Australia. It's not a program I'd usually watch, but I'm an avid supporter of vaccination, and wanted to see if the telly would spew forth its usual panic-promoting bollocks.

It didn't. Ray!

There are plenty of people who will blog in detail about the show - I'm looking forward to reading more on and on the Sceptic's Book of Pooh-Pooh (my vote for Blog Title of the Year). So I'm not going to blather on when some of my favourite bloggers will do it more eloquently and with more respectful insolence than me.

One moment did, however, motivate me to put fingies to keyboard. Meryl Dorey, of the mind-bogglingly misinformed and irresponsible Australian Vaccination Network, made this comment (apparently trying to convince the audience of something):

"I'm not a doctor, but I do have a brain."

I'm instantly reminded of a corker attributed to 19th Century English essayist Adam Cooper:

"Giving English to an American is like giving sex to a child - he knows
it's important but he doesn't know what to do with it."


  1. Lemming have brains, too.

  2. Dear Shellity,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog the other day. I can get a wee bit carried away at times...

    Love your blog.