02 June 2009

Orac the Insultant

I dips me lid...
Work is unbelievably busy at the moment. I find myself unable to scope projects effectively in my recently-established status as a work-from-home Mummy. However, I simply must steal a few minutes to quote one of my favourite bloggers (Orac over at Respectful Insolence). He does a well-considered smackdown like nobody else I know. Today's offering about the 'lovely' Jenny McCarthy and the 'hilarious' Jim Carrey:
"Together they spew antivaccine nonsense so ignorant and stupid that it represents a burning black hole of dumb, which simultaneously sucks all intelligence past its event horizon and burns out the neurons of anyone with any intelligence forced to be exposed to it."



  1. Nice flame, Orac.

    I find the Carrey/McCarthy situation so tragic. I understand they are trying to find an outlet for their grief about their son... but their combination of passion, celebrity and ignorance is putting children at risk across the globe.

    My personal bugbear with the anti-vaccination debate is the 'herd effect.' Sacrifice my child for yours? Cheers! It's not like anti-vaccination campaigners should breed out by natural selection or anything. ..

  2. Shell, I awarded you in blogland. Because you is black. Play along if you feel like it!