14 April 2010


The kids are in bed.

This is how it feels:

Not for me a cache of jewels, nor shoes with four-inch heels;
I'm not concerned with how a silk-lined ermine jacket feels;
No undulating semi-rural properties for me;
No gold-leaf-sprinkled truffles will accompany my tea;
I'm not sure what a 'town car' is; nor 'age-defying serum';
And as for the High Roller set: I don't think I've been near 'em.
No masterpiece in gilded frame will hang upon my walls;
I've no designer lingerie, just mismatched socks and smalls
I'll never own an aircraft, neither sub- nor supersonic;
Just give me peace and quiet and a scrummy gin and tonic.


  1. I have several tears in my eyes, and only one of them is because I don't have a gin & tonic.

    You're awesome.

  2. Shell, you're like Pam Ayres for the new century. Love the sentiment and I bow with awe at your mad scannifiction skillz.