22 April 2010

The Daughter-saurus #4

Appealing, one's sentence.

As soon as she turned two (happy birthday squrimasaurus!), Amy decided that random nouns and finger-pointing simply weren't enough any more. Sure, there have been many attempts at putting words together, such as:
"uptake" - small baked item served in a cup-shaped paper wrapper.
"ot-tee" - any drink served in a mug.
"ai-ee won pwee" - Amy would like that, please.
"not-not" - I would like to enter through this door.

But now we're also seeing:
"I go rah doe" - I'm going to approach my Auntie Jo and say "RAH!"
"Torta Daddy / torta Nan / torta weewee" - I would like to talk to Daddy/Nan/Reni on the phone.
"Ai-ee mwoe-bot beep beep" - I am a robot.
"You mwoe-bot Mummy?" - Are you a robot Mummy?

...and of course the ubiquitous:
"Yutty pooh in dare" - I may have soiled myself, but it's more than likely just a fart.

1 comment:

  1. I also like: "Ba-ba DOE!!", which is "Mummy, please stop talking to Auntie Jo on the phone, and attend to my bottom issues".