13 August 2010

It could be worse.

There are never any biscuits when I want a cup of tea;
There are always people waiting when I visit my GP;
I don't know where my keys are
And there's bird pooh on my car;
And I knocked my glass of red wine over inadvertently.

I can never park my car on the right side of petrol bowsers;
My GPS insists that I drive through a row of houses;
There are no seats on the train
And I've lost my keys again;
And there's a mystery stain of something on my freshly laundered trousers.

I get stuck with chatty seniors in the supermarket queue;
I've a tendency to click on 'Save' instead of on 'Undo';
I bought pirate DVDs
And I cannot find my keys;
And there's a piece of toilet paper on the bottom of my shoe.

But there's food inside my pantry and a roof above my head;
There's fresh water running from my tap and clean sheets on my bed;
All my kids are immunised
And my health care's subsidised;
And I can vote for anyone I want and not risk being dead.

I can show my face in public, get a job and have a say;
I can have friends who are different colours, communist or gay;
I can go on strike and picket;
I can tell my boss to stick it;
And I know that in the scheme of things I'm gonna be ok.


  1. You are the best human being on Earth.

  2. I love it.

    But don't go telling everybody I'm a communist. Who knows what Abbot might start legislating?