08 October 2010

I hate to blog and run, but...

I'm sorry, I don't have time to think up a witty sub-heading... maybe something about skidmarks...

I'm lucky enough to be completely swamped with work at the moment, which means hardly any time for blogging. But that doesn't mean I haven't had many things to blog about. Consider this a brief bullet-point festival of half-baked bloggy notions, that I'm posting now before they ooze out the sides of my overstretched brain:
  • My brother and his lady friend had a baby a week ago. Welcome William!
  • Mitchell is awesome and starting to write words and is a different robot, alien, animal or Magic Thing every five minutes
  • Amy is awesome and is getting all girly what with dragging her doll around and making it pretend meals. She also brushes my hair regularly, which is one of the reasons I had kids in the first place.
  • We're off to Western Plains Zoo in a few days. Mitch is very excited about seeing giraffes, but a little disappointed that there probably won't be otters.
  • I'm writing a speech for my fantastic father-in-law's 70th birthday next weekend. It will be delivered to a small crowd that includes some Very Churchy Folk, and will include the word 'intercourse'.
  • Cold-canvassing is the marketing equivalent of simian poo-flinging. I'm looking at you, Australian Gas Light Company.
  • If you ever feel the need to thank God or the power of prayer for your recovery from illness or injury, please don't forget to also thank the people who studied and worked extremely hard to fix you up with real things.
Mmm. Miscellaneous. Bye!


  1. Good news, all. Ivy was so overcome by the wonders of Dubbo that she still talks about it with wonder. It is her Paree. Hope you're having fun!

    ps - Mitch sounds like a DUDE.

  2. Addendum: There were otters.