15 July 2011

Let People Choose

Because apples aren't horseshoes.

I’ve got ants in my kitchen, all over the bench.
Should I use pest control or a hydraulic wrench?
I want something to carry my cards and my money.
Should I get a purse or a brick dipped in honey?
I want to go travelling across the blue skies.
Should I get on a plane or rub salt in my eyes?
The sand burns my feet when I walk on the beach.
Should I put on some shoes or wear nettles and bleach?
My head gets quite wet when it’s raining outside.
Should I use an umbrella or chlorpropamide?
I need something to write on my Mum’s birthday card.
Should I purchase a pen or a hatful of lard?
When I want to make biscuits, then what should I choose?
Some butter and flour or some tractors and shoes?
I want to stop Whooping Cough’s lung-wrenching wrath.
Should I see my GP or a homeopath?

The idea for this one came from the Skeptics with a K podcast from the Merseyside Skeptics (my current favourite ear-candy, frequently responsible for making me laugh out loud and nod my head furiously on a crowded train. It makes me look crazy, but often gets me a seat to myself). Skeptics with a K addressed the oft-cited argument in favour of homeopathy, that people should have the opportunity to choose their mode of health treatment. This argument has an obvious flaw - it assumes that homeopathy enjoys the same credibility and status as something that actually has an effect. Go see for some more helpful examples. 


  1. Or just leave it up to astrology and the Book of Revelations. They're NEVER wrong.

  2. I've always liked you, Sal.