04 October 2011


Because a little perspective wouldn't go astray.

A good man did his job today. He took a small, sharp knife;
With parents waiting, wracked with pain;
He made a cut inside a vein
Soon bluish skin turned pink again;
He saved a baby’s life.
An actress made a million bucks for playing someone’s wife.

A woman with a comfy chair and tissues close at hand,
Heard broken people talk all day;
She hardly had the strength to say,
She couldn’t take the pain away,
But she could understand.
A model won’t get out of bed for less than twenty grand.

Last night a guy with debts walked into bathroom stalls unseen.
He picked up sodden paper dropped,
Made sure the spew-stained floor was mopped,
The skid-marked, turd-blocked bogs unstopped,
And everything was clean.
An actor did his nut ‘cause someone moved during a scene.

Tomorrow, people in a lab will try to find an answer,
To why a small malignant cell,
Can feed and reproduce so well;
They’re getting close – soon tests will tell,
If they can starve a cancer.
A so-called star makes headlines posing as a ballroom dancer.


  1. In a vaguely related story, I recoiled recently when, on the anniversary of 9/11, an ABC TV reporter slowly and solemnly explained the tear-filled activities at "Ground Zero" only to be interrupted to be advised of the great news that a woman had won a tennis match.

    Perspective indeed.

    When was the last time a scientist, having made a ground-breaking discovery that would re-write medical books and save potentially billions of lives into the future, was given a ticker-tape parade like that given to a guy who won a bike race? It'll probably never happen.

  2. Sharon B3:28 pm

    Wholeheartedly agree with all above : ( Great words Shelley !

  3. So agree! My Dad always talks about how our society happily pays blokes hundreds of thousands to kick a ball (and we love our footy, I'm not sport-bashing) yet my sister with nursing and midwifery degrees is getting paid peanuts... Doesn't seem fair.