30 September 2011

Supermarket Atheism

Because I went to the shops.

So I was at the supermarket this afternoon, and as I turned past the chill of the sausage cabinet, I overhead part of a conversation between two employees, which included an admission of sorts. Like most people who can't wait to let the world know about their food shopping, I tweeted about it. And like most smart-arse sisters, Jo decided to turn it into a poetry challenge (or at least that's how I saw it):

So, this:

Negotiating shopping trolleys
Through an aisle of chips and lollies
A single word:
I turned my head. The one who spoke -
A sandy-haired shelf-packing bloke.
I may have stared
As he declared
The Woollies at Umina Beach
Has room for walking frames in each
Wide parking spot.
It’s also got

1 comment:

  1. Shakespeare taught us truth will out
    Naught more to say much less to shout
    Of forbiddeness
    From hiddeness