06 April 2006

The Fetus Formerly Known As The Tadpole #6

It moved!
Fetie must have known that its Mummy was getting a little impatient, and it decided to do a little flip last night, at 19 weeks exactly, just before dinner.

For the last couple of weeks, since I've been starting to look decidedly round, many people have asked me if I've felt any movement. I couldn't really give them a definitive answer, because everything that's been happening in my abdomen up to this point has felt exactly like indigestion - largely because it was indigestion. But this time was different. This time it felt like a small fish was flopping over, just under the surface of my belly.

It was a nice pre-cursor to Baby Movie II: The 19-Week Ultrasound, which will be screening this Saturday. Colour me excited...

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  1. You know that now its started you wont be able to stop it. I had mine swimming along to a 20 minutes set from Something For Kate set... not sure if that is an indication of Bobs musical taste or just strange timing...