16 April 2006

The fetus formerly known as the Tadpole #7

Two arms, two legs and one happy Dad.
After weeks of telling me that our baby was definitely a boy, and that if it was born a girl it would be raised as a boy, my husband had his mind put at rest a week ago when the 19-week ultrasound confirmed "something between the legs that wouldn't be there if it was a girl", in the words of the sonographer. Woo hoo!

I can honestly say that I had no genetic preference, but it's so great knowing one way or the other at last. Technology is amazing! Happy Dad was quite surprised to see how much the little guy was moving around, and was also quite gobsmacked at just how bloody cool it is to be able to see your child-to-be squirming around on a big plasma screen. And now that his bones are starting to calcify, he looked less like a squidgy formless blob and more like a properly-built human being. With an alien skeleton. But very cute.

The best thing about the ultrasound session was the shortness of the post-screening doctor visit. The doctor asked us if we had any questions, told us there was nothing abnormal to be seen in the scan, and sent us on our way. We're lucky, lucky, lucky (almost) parents!

A profile of our gorgeous squidgy alien skeleton thing. Awwwww...

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