28 April 2006

The Fetus formerly known as The Tadpole #8

Happy hormones sometimes take a holiday.
I think the honeymoon period for happy hormones is over. I'm still deleriously happy and excited about having a bub, and Husband is more enthusiastic every day. But I could only have a Disturbingly Chirpy period for so long, and the other night I just lay myself down and had a big cry.

Trying to describe to an emotionally stable male partner that you don't have to be sad to feel like sobbing, is a bit like explaining why trackie dacks are unsuitable for restaurant wear, no matter how clean they are. Both seem a little illogical, but make perfect sense if you're a woman. And yes, that's sexist. (For the record, he was extremely supportive and said heaps of really nice, sensible stuff.)

After having lunch today with Missy Vas, who is about eight weeks ahead of me in the baby-cooking process and who assured me that she's been crying for no reason at least once a week, I feel heaps better. Thank you, my bumpy friend!

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