18 April 2011

Big 'G', Little 'g', What Beginneth Thee?

I spell the word ‘God’ with a capital ‘G’
Which prompts fellow faithless to say unto me:
“Do you want to negate us?
Then why afford status
To Him who we claim is imaginary?”

But, my infidel darlings, I ask you for grace;
‘cause respect’s not denoted by mere upper-case.
And when one means to blaspheme,
A sizeable grapheme
Can work just as well to put Him in his place.

Now please let me explain with a limericky spiel,
Why an upper-case ‘G’ has a certain appeal:
Because bringing it down
To a mere common noun
Makes him something that we can see, hear, taste and feel.

For example, the biscuits I have with my tea
Are most certainly there, with their lower-case ‘b’.
And that rock with its ‘r’
And my little-‘c’ car,
And this book, and that house, and the scar on my knee.

But a majuscule character, placed at the helm,
Can whisk Almighty God to the fantasy realm,
Where He sits with Darth Vader,
Snow White and Tomb Raider
Ben 10, Narnia and A Nightmare on Elm.

Though it’s fun to make some fundamentalists squirm
By attaching a ‘g’ to a sanctified term,
I’m still having a dig
When I choose to go Big
And my barstool in Hell I may boldly confirm.

1 comment:

  1. I'm sufficiently whelmed (of course over, not under)
    At your awesome attempt to steal God-fearers' thunder.