31 May 2011

The God of All Things

Because you gotta take the rough with the smooth.

O praise the God of all things,
The God of fluffy ducklings,
The God of dappled sunlight, sparkling seas and dewy mornings.

Rejoice! He gave us white snows,
He gave us northern light shows,
He gave us baby horsies, pretty butterflies and mangoes.

O thank you, Lord, for love hearts,
For firm and sexy man-parts,
For maple syrup, nudity and surreptitious dog farts.

He made the rhinovirus
He made Billy Ray Cyrus
He made benzodiazepines and opioids desirous.

He blessed us all with back-aches,
With tinea and hair flakes,
With bird-devouring spiders, giant scorpions and black snakes.

O praise the God of all things,
Of sacrilegious rantings,
The God of atheism and the liberty that it brings.

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