03 June 2011


Because of earworms and Sean.

Yesterday, two things happened serendebipbipitously:
1. I had this Warner Bros clip playing in my head; and
2. My cyber-mate Sean mentioned that he had a headache.

I'll spare you the convoluted mental contortions that followed, and simply share the result:

My head has a terrible ache (it’s true);
There must be something I can take (or do);
A poultice or balsam or tonic that’s wholesome;
To give my poor temples a break (boo hoo).

Perhaps I’ll acquire some peace (somehow);
Through craniosacral release (what now?);
A magical curer could massage my dura;
And make throbbing areas cease (my brow).

My energy’s starting to wane (my chi);
Could this be the cause of my pain? (maybe);
If so, acupuncture might help at this juncture
It’s starting to mess with my brain (crazy).

Although all its claims are pretext (what rot);
I’ll try homeopathy next (or not);
I’m not a supporter of overpriced water,
But this ceaseless pain has me vexed (a lot).

This magnet I’ve got ‘round my wrist (my right);
Is able, I’m told, to assist (it might)
It’s in the duality of the polarity;
Now though, my symptoms persist (they bite).

The aching is here with me still, (drags on);
I might try this little white pill (anon);
It’s thoroughly tested and quickly digested;
Will it make me better? It will! (pain gone).

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